We offer 2 types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s Material Warranty stands behind the quality of the product
    • 10 year Manufacturers Material Warranty
      An automatic warranty at no extra cost once you’ve had a spray foam roof done that has 2 passes of coating applied (typically 27-30 dry mils).
    • 15 year Manufacturers Material Warranty
      An optional (additional) warranty offered for a spray foam roof service that has 3 passes of coating applied (typically 35-40 dry mils).
  • Systems Warranty is a joint warranty between the manufacturer and Kohls Foam Systems that acts as an insurance policy on your roof
    • This warranty is available for either 10 or 15 years. The warranty typically costs 8-12 cents per square foot, depending on the thickness and features of your roof. With this warranty, the manufacturer guarantees labor on the product and will pay to have Kohls Foam Systems or a third party come back to fix a problem.

Fully transferable- Simply provide the new owner’s contact information, in writing, to both Kohls Foam Systems and the Manufacturer. It’s that easy!