Restoration Services



About Restoration Services

When we receive a roofing repair call, we are confident that we can find the ideal solution for almost any problem. In some cases, we can actually restore the original roofing system to its original state. This saves the building owner a considerable amount of money.

Our restoration process begins by power washing and cleaning the surface. In the second step we treat the seams and fasteners with a coating and reinforced fabric. The final step includes applying a layer of silicone coating (usually white) to the entire roof surface. This stops the aging process of the previously installed roof and saves the building owner the cost of replacing the roof. Call us for a free evaluation of your existing roofing system!

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[Referencing his energy savings…] No wonder – this system is the only Energy Star rated roofing system available. Even my lender shook his head and kept telling me over and over that he has never seen anything that has even come close to as great a value!
Andrew Bell

Owner, Twin Town Guitars