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Foam roof sealant solutions.
We are a certified applicator of spray foam roof systems with expertise in seamless roof coatings nationwide.

Foam roof sealant in the form of spray polyurethane foam roofing ensures seamless roof coatings which are virtually leak proof and are flexible enough to be sprayed onto any properly prepared surface type, even onto irregularly shaped roofs! With the additional benefit that roofing foam insulation offers, not only does the monolithic surface guard against the water damage that traditional roofing materials are plagued by at the seams and joints, but roofing foam insulation also has the best insulating properties available in commercial construction today.

Foam roofing environmental impact is overwhelmingly positive, and after 30 years of comprehensive independent studies in various climate conditions a broad range of benefits has been identified. As the seamless roof coatings can be applied directly over properly prepared existing asphalt, built-up roofs, shingles, concrete, metal and wood elements there is minimal need for tear-off, thus reducing the amount of debris bound for our nation's landfills.

Roofing foam insulation via sprayed polyurethane foam has an initial R-value of 6.75 per inch thickness, thus providing greater thermal resistance with less material than all other types of roofing insulation. The EPA reports that one-sixth of all electricity generated in a years span is used to air-condition U.S. buildings. Properly installed spray polyurethane foam roofing systems can dramatically reduce the amount of air conditioning needed due to their insulating properties, and can sometimes reduce energy bills by up to 50%, helping protect our environment by decreasing the need from energy that is usually generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

Reduced energy demand and a drop in the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas is also achieved through the reflective properties inherent in spray polyurethane foam roofing systems. Spray on foam roofing results in a reflective roof which can reduce the peak cooling demand by up to 15%, enabling the commercial owner to purchase smaller, more efficient, and cost effective cooling systems. Decreased demand reduces the pollution from power plants, and the reduction of the heat island effect that occurs in urban areas where heat-absorbing buildings and paved areas contribute to warmer and smoggier conditions positively influences our environment.

Foam roofing environmental impact is also positive when considering the increased roof product life span. A foam roof expense has been proven to be both an energy efficient and cost effective business decision that an owner can make. Currently there are foam roofs that have been in place on commercial buildings for over 30 years, and studies show that these should be able to last indefinitely when properly maintained.

A cost to reroof estimate quoting the use of more traditional materials will not include the warranties Energy Star rated foam roofing systems can offer. Energy Star qualified roof products from Kohls Foam Systems help maintain constant roof temperatures, thus reducing the thermal shock that occurs when sharp temperature changes cause roofs to expand and contract. Expansion and contraction can cause stress that leads to roof degradation, thus hastening once again the delivery of more construction materials to the landfills.

Kohls Foam Systems will be working with roofing contractors in Orlando Florida following the aftermath of hurricane damages to commercial metal roofing systems there. We have also journeyed to North Carolina to address asphalt built up roofing that was outdated, as well as provide rubber roof restorations and complex roof line projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin. No matter your location, our environmentally-friendly insulation and roofing products are a viable long term investment that does not cost more than traditional building materials. These longer lasting products are also considered "green" and beneficial to our planet.

Whatever your needs, whether commercial roof repair, commercial roof replacement, or new commercial construction roofing throughout the United States…call the Kohls Foam Systems experts at 952-467-9141 for a free estimate from a trusted commercial roofing contractor with over 18 years of spray foam roof systems experience!

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