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Aluminum metal roofs leak over time. The premier recommended sealants for leaking metal roof problems are spray polyurethane foam roofing products by Kohls Foam Systems!

Aluminum metal roofs that leak plague owners of businesses and agricultural buildings. Recommended sealants for leaking metal roof problems overwhelmingly endorsed by experts and tested nationwide are the spray on foam roofing products offered by Kohls Foam Systems, an industry leader since 1987 in cool roof solutions that minimize energy expenses and stop leaks.

Instead of a generic cost to reroof estimate, call the experts at Kohls foam systems for a tailored solution to solve any leaking issues WITHOUT the expense of installing a new roof. Not only is a foam roof expense nominal, but it is also easy to install and will not disrupt your business or workers.

Metal roofs are an industry standard and have been used in approximately fifty percent of low-rise commercial and industrial facilities erected within the last several years. Other prevalent applications for metal roofs have been military facilities, warehouses, schools, and of course agricultural buildings. Research shows that although metal roofs have several advantages such as lightweight, rigidity, relatively low cost and availability of a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, a common flaw over time is the development of leaks at joint, screw, and flashing areas.

Incredible losses in inventory and equipment as well as productivity can occur from just one leak. Walls and ceilings may be damaged, or the entire structure can be compromised. The spray polyurethane roofing systems protects your structure and your profits by preventing leaks, extending the life of your existing metal roof, and lowering your utility bills once the roof roofing flat foam membrane is applied.

Florida State Energy Commission studies on commercial installations in some of the harshest weather conditions support the spray polyurethane roofing systems guarantee of energy savings. Researchers in 1996 and 1997 tested to ascertain whether adding cool roof technology to the metal roof of a strip mall in Cocoa, Florida would affect the amount of energy necessary to air-condition the retail spaces being protected.

Our highly reflective acrylic materials were applied to the metal roof sections covering six stores, with one store left uncovered for comparison. The astonishing results showed that the average costs to cool the stores protected by the spray polyurethane roofing system decreased more than 25%!

Kohls Foam Systems works nationwide installing spray polyurethane roofing systems for commercial and agricultural customers. Call the experts at Kohls Foam Systems today for a professionally installed roof system to waterproof, stop further UV degradation, and insulate your existing metal roof.

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